Cast Iron Tubs

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your entire home? It is the one place that people spend the most time getting ready (among other things) and anyone who comes into your home will need to use it at least once. For this reason alone you should turn your lifeless and rather boring bathroom into one that you don’t mind other people using.

One of the most common thing that people will change in their bathroom is the bathtub. People will often times enjoy taking long baths at the end of a long day at the office. For some people this is impossible, unless they are willing to fold themselves in half. One of the best types of bathtubs to use is the cast iron tub.

What Is Cast Iron

Cast iron is a durable material that is made partly with pig iron that is melted down and combined with scarp iron and steel. When this process is finished the impurities are taken away and in the end only around 95% of the material left over is iron. The rest of the cast iron is made up of mainly carbon and silicon.

This material is much more brittle than pure steel or iron and has the ability to be melted down at a lower temperature. This gives it the ability to be used for various industrial products. The properties and methods used to produce cast iron helps to make it more versatile than most other materials.

This material is used to make several different things but is more commonly used to create cast iron tubs. Browse through our list of articles and learn about the elegant cast iron clawfoot tub and the best way to clean these. Also learn how to refinish cast iron tubs after years of use.