Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs

The cast iron clawfoot tub is one of the most elegant tub that you could ever use in your bathroom. This is the ideal tub to have when you are planning on using it to relax in after a hard day at work without having to fold yourself in half. There are five different types of these clawfoot tubs to choose from. They all differ depending on the style you wish to use in your personal bathroom.

Roll Top

The roll top cast iron clawfoot tub fits perfectly in smaller bathrooms. One end of the tub is squared off while the other end runs in a smooth semi circle. This allows for plenty of space for one person and is deep enough for the perfect bath.

Double Ended

The double ended tub is similar to the roll top except that both ends are rounded off. This is much larger making it perfect for the large and rather luxurious master bath.


These can be either roll top or double ended. The name refers to the bottom of the tub which sits on a pedestal base rather than the more common feet. This base makes it ideal for modern or contemporary bathrooms.


The slipper clawfoot tub is probably the most unusual of them all. It is most similar to the roll top. The only difference is that the rounded end of the tub is sloped upwards. This makes it easier for someone to lean back and really relax. It also helps to make the tub slightly deeper. There are also double slipper tubs – which has both ends rounded and sloped upwards.


The skirted tubs are also great for modern and contemporary bathrooms. These tubs are not attached to any claw feet or pedestal base. Instead they are one complete tub from top to bottom.