Cleaning Cast Iron Tubs

There are many reasons to have a cast iron tub in your bathroom. Some people have them because they came with the home and they do not want to spend thousands of dollars to have it replaced. Others bought one so as to give an elegant and somewhat traditional look in their bathroom.

In all honesty it doesn’t matter how you got it as long as you know how to keep it clean. Having a tub that is dirty will look poorly not just on the whole room – but also on you. When you have guests over you don’t want to be embarrassed by any stains or mildew on your tub.

A cast iron tub is not like any ordinary bathtub that people use. There are things that you can do which will ruin the look and the feel of the surface of it. To avoid such damage we recommend that you use natural items in place of the usual cleaners. Before you know it your tub will be looking shiny and new like the day you bought it.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to pour white vinegar over the entire surface of it using a clean sponge. To do this pour the vinegar onto the sponge and squeeze it out while holding it over the tub. You don’t want to waste the vinegar and allow most or all of it to run down the drain.

Allow the vinegar to set on the tub for at least five minutes. This will help to get off the stains from the surface of it.

Now it is time to sprinkle baking soda onto the sponge and then scrub down the bathtub with it. When the baking soda comes into contact with the vinegar it will begin to foam. These two will then work together to remove the mineral deposits and make it a whole lot easier for the sponge to remove it all. If you have tough stains that have been on there for awhile than you will need to use a scrub brush in place of the sponge.

When you have finished scrubbing down the tub you will be ready to rinse it out with warm water. Move the water all around the bathtub in order to remove any residue from the cleaning agents. The sponge or scrub brush will be more effective to help you get this done. If you feel it needs a better cleaning than repeat the above steps.

It is important that you prevent mildew, mold, and streaking to occur in the tub. Take a large towel and dry the inside of it.