Refinishing Cast Iron Tubs

Not all of us understand the beauty that can be found in a cast iron tub. They see it as any other tub that is used to keep us clean and not as something that can also help to set the theme in your bathroom. What other people don’t care about could become a treasure in your home.

Sometimes you can get a great deal on one of these tubs – but it looks so beyond repair that you wonder if it is really worth it. Rather than passing it over or trying to replace it why not spend the time necessary to bring it back to life by refinishing it? It is true that some tubs are beyond repair – but most will look almost like new again.

Keep in mind that this project can take awhile. However, you will be happy with the results and you will save time and money from having to replace your old tub.

To begin you will have to remove all of the rust from the surface of the tub. This can be done using a power sander if you feel that the rust is going to need something strong to remove it. If not than use sandpaper to scrape it off. Do not apply to much pressure because some of the rust might have rusted through the tub.

Once the rust has been removed it will be time to clean it out. Use a clean rag and a liquid cleaner to clean off the remaining rust particles and any dust and dirt on it. Dry it off with a clean towel when you are finished.

Inspect the inside of the bathtub and try to find any scratches or nicks. Lay down fiberglass putty with a trowel on these weak areas. Many of these kits will come with a hardening agent that will be applied after you have let the putty dry. To keep from having to sand too much try to lay the putty and hardening agent as flat against the tub as possible.

Sand down the areas until it is flush with the tub. Do not be alarmed if these areas are not the same color as the tub. This is normal.

Use a clean rag to apply a very thing layer of enamel bonding agent. This will help the paint to stick onto the surface of the tub and cover the areas you fixed. When the stain is applied allow it to dry for two hours.

Now you are ready to paint the tub with an acrylic urethane enamel paint. Use a clean rag or a paintbrush to apply the paint. Every coat you use needs to be thin and even. Allow it to stick to the bonding agent – but don’t cover the cast iron beneath. The first coat might take up to five hours to dry. If needed apply a second coat.